Our law office was established in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2013 by our principal attorney, Dawit Kidane , with a prime mission as coadjutor of the justice system and pursuance of providing legal consultancy and representation for our clients. Our office has earned a reputation in providing high-end professional legal service for clients engaged in various sectors of business activities.

While we are a general practice, we specialize our service in areas where we have gained particular and pertinent experience over the years. Whether advising our clients on formation, operation and transaction of business, or representing them on litigation, arbitration and business negotiations, we execute successful legal strategies and solutions in an efficient and effective manner to bring about a desired outcome.

Over the years, our law office provided consultancy, advice, assistance and representation to domestic and foreign clients including individuals, private and public companies, national corporations and institutions in the areas of intellectual property, investment law, cooperate and commercial law, construction and real estate, banking and finance, taxation, employment and immigration, inheritance and family law, charities and societies, despite resolution and criminal litigation.


Our goal is to work hard for every client so that they can have trust and confidence in our office not only with their current legal issues, but also with potential future needs as well.


We’ve made it our mission to provide quality legal service that add value and peace of mind for each client, while delivering on time.


 Customer First: We put our customer’s interest first and work with at most diligence to meet and exceed expectation.
• Collaboration and Partnership: “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work” – Our team of experts and partners work diligently to achieve the best outcome for our clients.
• Integrity and Trust: Work within the boundaries of rules and regulation.