The Banking and Finance group at DALO is an experienced leader in terms of both experience and the range of our practice. Our work spans the spectrum of facilitating financial loans, secured transaction, reviewing foreign guarantee agreements and dispute resolution mechanisms. We have advised clients on established as well as emerging products developed in a fast-changing and dynamic legal and regulatory environment.

Our reputation as a premier firm in the market is a keen commercial understanding of what our clients seek to achieve, the quality of our documentation and our ability to deliver a high-value service with tight time frames. A team of experienced and licensed attorneys provided services including:


✓ Providing general Ethiopian law advice on banking and financial laws.
✓ Representing a review of foreign guarantee agreements and letters of credit.
✓ Negotiating, documenting and rendering opinions with respect to all types of a commercial loan transaction.
✓ Advising on validity and enforceability of financial transaction.
✓ Resolution of the dispute through alternative means.