Civil societies and NGO’s are the main organization that needs assistance and protection under the legal system, because of this, our country has given a due attention for this noble and utilitarian organizations by protecting and opening vast opportunities to function under the law. This being side our law office has been working with different NGO’S and CSO’S for the past decade on registration and licensing under the Ethiopian law. In addition to that our law office provide the following services.

✓ Tax and tax exemption.
✓ Registration and licensing with follow-up from charities and Societies Agency.
✓ Drafting legal documents.
✓ Employee and immigration issues.
✓ Consulting on an emerging organization.
✓ Representation before federal and state government courts. (litigation)
✓ Negotiating of agreements with Ethiopian government relating to operation and formation of an origination.
✓ Advising on establishment, dissolution, and winding of branch offices about Ethiopian law.