Good corporate governance is essential for the success of every business and every company. We take this fact as the core in the chain of value we provide and in our role as trustworthy lawyers and advisors. We provide legal assistanceto companies in numerous business sectors and activities. Our office reviews agreements and scrutinizes specialized legal opinions on matters of the business and operations of its clients in doing their business in Ethiopia. Our service includes:

✓ Drafting memorandum of association and article of association during formation and for amendment of exiting once.
✓ Negotiations, drafting and enforcing contract.
✓ Obtaining government approval and licenses.
✓ Comprehensive legal advice to companies’ everyday issues.
✓ Dissolution, settlement, and transformation of corporations.
✓ Advice and prepare reports on behalf of companies that exists or entering into a legal transaction with companies in Ethiopia.
✓ Negotiation and settling shareholders and business operation disputes.
✓ Perform due diligence for any transactions.